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Adam Rippon, the Xhosa and gay tourists

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Brazil Supreme Court rules for trans rights

Brazil’s highest court ruled March 1 that citizens may change their names and gender identification without undergoing surgery or a medical exam or waiting for official authorization. [Folha de S Paulo]

What’s next for Adam Rippon?

After capturing the hearts of America with a bronze medal figure skating performance and his outspoken LGBT advocacy at the Pyeongchang Olympics, Adam Rippon talks to The New York Times about what’s next.

South African court allows gay film to be shown in theatres

South Africa’s high court has ruled that the drama The Wound may be shown in regular movie theatres after the country’s film board restricted it to only “adult premises.” The movie was controversial among the country’s Xhosa people because of its gay themes and because it displayed the culture’s initiation rituals. [Advocate]

Indonesians raid suspected lesbian couple’s home

Amid a national panic about homosexuality that could lead to nationwide criminalization of gay sex, Indonesian media reports that neighbours in the city of Depok raided the house of two women because they suspected the two were not living “in accordance with the norms that exist in our society.”

LGBT tourism breaks stereotypes

LGBT tourists are often stereotyped as hedonistic partiers, say travel industry professionals, but the world of gay tourism is expanding to new horizons. [Agence France-Presse]