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Adam Sandler for president!

During Senate hearings in the US over employee benefits for same-sex partners, Office of Personnel Management deputy director Howard C. Weizmann argued against — citing the possibility of fraud as witnessed in the movie 'I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry' and insisting, "This is not farfetched." Those arguing in favour of equal treatment for all federal workers were horrified by his comments but think about it: the US government taking its cues from an Adam Sandler movie really explains the last eight years, doesn't it?

And tonight is all about politics as debates fill our TVs: the Canadian party leaders argue in English while the US Vice-Presidential candidates have a battle of wits (or not). Personally, I wish we could combine the two events: by the end of the night, Jack Layton and Joe Biden would be swilling beer and telling Stephane Dion to grow a pair while Stephen Harper and Sarah Palin make sweet missionary love behind the podiums!

At least David "kill the gays" Popescu won't be there. He seriously needs to watch this video:

But whomever you choose to vote for, in whichever election you're a part of (even the one that's fixed), the important thing is to read, decide and vote. I know this because the celebrities won't leave me alone about it, even after I buy the T-shirt!

Now for a different kind of voting: she may not be talking about gay men but Megan still has some sound advice for guys who can't get laid. (But what's a motorboat?)

Pitchfork's got the new Final Fantasy video.  The apocalypse has never looked so adorable!