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Admitting to lesser sins

The Liberals in Guelph admit they were
behind the robo-call that called the Conservative candidate out as being
anti-choice and say that yes, they should have properly identified it as coming
from the Liberals. But they say that it was in response to “lies” being
spread about Frank Valeriote and that it in no way is akin to redirecting
people to the wrong polling station, which is the bigger issue and one that we shouldn’t conflate all robo-calls with. Meanwhile, there are
suggestions that the person behind “Pierre Poutine” will come clean later
today, so I guess we shall see.

The Manning Centre Networking Conference
took place in Ottawa over the weekend, during which the man behind Campaign
Research – one of the firms being targeted as the Robocon unfolds – spoke about
the need to bypass the mainstream media and ascribed a number of motivations
to the opposition parties about Robocon. Preston Manning still thinks that more ethics training is the answer to everything. Susan Delacourt offers her
insights into the events here.

Meanwhile, at the conference, six cabinet
ministers offered tidbits about future changes coming in the budget –
things like trying to further streamline environmental regulations, the
creation of “social impact bonds” to get more private involvement in social
services, or trying to get the public service to act as “cost containers” of
programs by means of incentives. We’ll see how much of this actually comes to
pass or how much of it is just red meat for the base.

Here’s an interview with NDP leadership
hopeful Peggy Nash.

And in case you missed it, Andrew Coyne
lays the smackdown on the state of conservatism in this country.

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