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Adventures in ‘Merica

Is it just me, or is nothing happening in (Montreal-based) queer politics? Sure, we have some awesome events going on, but nothing's really getting Montrealers' tits in a knot at this particulour winter juncture. Prove me wrong!

Instead, I turn to a seemingly endless source of entertainment: 'Merica. Land of the free. Except if you're gay. And, (as I learned on The Real Word last night) except if you're a bisexual man. Because being a bisexual gal is ok because THAT's HOT, but you can't be a boy that likes both girls and boys. Apparently.

There's a very real, very sticky latest offering from the reality TV Gods. And that offering is The Real World: DC. It's got TWO gays on it guys! One is Mike, a hunky, sensitive jock who has slept with 16 girls and 5 guys! The other gay is Emily, and she's not being very gay right now, though I totally appreciate the sentiment. For now, Emily's focus is on macking this dudeman in the house (not that there's anything wrong with that). Rumour is, they're going to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

ANYWAY. What do you guys think about the Bisexualis Homogenous? Some people really do think there is no such thing as males being bisexual (at least in my circle). I even heard Dan Savage make that comment two weeks ago on his podcast: for men, once you come out as gay, you generally do not sway. Savage goes on to say that women's sexuality is more fluid. So, is men's sexuality fluid? Can it be? I don't know, I was once bisexual. Just because it didn't work for me doesn't mean it can't work for others. Besides, gender is totally fluid. I've been surveying my lesbian friends who say that they would stay with a partner who decided to come out as trans. So then what? You're a lesbian dating a dude is what.

SO. Some Americana to report on, in this here French-Canadian blog today.

New Jersey voted down legislature that would allow same-sex marriage yesterday afternoon. Jarrett Barrios, President of the
Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) had this great quote in GLAAD's press release

“Only with marriage can gay and lesbian families fully take care of
each other and today’s vote is a painful loss for couples in New Jersey
as well as across the country.”

To be honest, I only have one thing on my mind these days: PILATES.
(pilatès!). I was also wondering if there was any interest in a new segment called "Lina goes on Adventures." This would consist of
me going on adventures. Pics and captions to giggle at promised. Let me
know in the comments below, or via my Twitter or Facebook.

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