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Against the Wall

The ATW events are play parties. Some might even say "sex" or "kink" parties. But the organizers call them play parties because they don't want the heat to get all stupid destructo on this very legal, consensual series of affairs. This edition boasts a workshop by scholar and (trans/disability/queer/S&M) activist Pat Califia. I spoke to Andrea Sterling from the Against the Wall collective about the Saturday party (the first since the summer).

  1. What's the idea behind the masquerade theme? What can it provide versus a non-masquerade themed play party?
    One of my personal fantasies is to fuck someone without ever seeing
    their face.  Basically, the entire party is constructed around our own
    desires.  The ATW parties exist solely as a forum where we can act
    out our fantasies.

  2. What can people expect to hear and experience from the "Daddy boy/grrl Erotic Age Play" workshop with PATRICK CALIFIA?
    Patrick Califia is a BDSM god.  Attending a workshop given by him
    let alone having him at our party is an amazing opportunity.  We as a
    collective, shat/cummed in our pants when we heard he agreed to do the
    workshop.  We don't know exactly what he has planned, but we can assure
    you it will be absolutely amazing.

  3. Last time I went to ATW's party, I ran into a straight boy at the
    door and ran away. Is the party open to straights now? (no judging, I just want to know)

    Since the queer community have yet to issue identity cards, we
    cannot guarantee that all the attendees sexual desires will be
    "queer".  One of our rules is to not assume peoples genders, we feel
    the same way about assuming peoples "orientation".  We have a lot of
    "straight looking" attendees.  If someones behavior is making one of
    our guests feel uncomfortable they will be asked to leave immediately. 
    However, simply "looking straight" is not enough grounds for expulsion.

  4. What would you say to someone who is VERY curious to go, but also VERY shy/alone/body-conscious/etc?
    Our parties are known for being awesome dance parties as well as
    sex parties.  If someone is painfully shy, they can cruise on the dance
    floor.  There will be people of all shapes, sizes and presentations
    attending our party.  The queer community encourages positive body
… Thanks Andrea.
Having been to a few myself, here are some pointers…
  • bring an outfit. It's a Masquerade Party! 
  • Talk to people. It's a Dance Party! With Benefits!
  • Boys allowed.
  • They usually have tents, dark corners, a swing.
  • Bring a friend that's willing to make out with you if you feel like getting things kick-started.
  • Don't say hi to people you barely know with your top off. They get weirded out. Some don't and do what you want obviously, but… can be scary for a shy person.
  • BYOB in moderation
  • Safer sex supplies are included in the entrance cover (10$)
  • 9 pm – Workshop with PATRICK CALIFIA, 12 am – cruising, playing, spin the bottle, live porn screening, and dance party. Over by 3 am.
  • 6595-A Saint-Urbain
  • More info: fb event 

If I end up going (not likely), I'm wearing this.
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