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Alibi closes its doors

Credit: Dominic Chan

Alibi nightclub closed down on Dec 12 after three years in operation.

Gary Manz, president of the company operating Alibi, put out a statement announcing the closure and mourning the recent death of Dennis Harvey, owner of the premises at 529 Yonge St.

Harvey operated Trax V on the premises before Alibi took over.

“Under his direction Trax V operated as a popular bar and meeting place for countless thousands of gay men and lesbians in Toronto; he will be sadly missed,” writes Manz.

Manz does not say if Harvey’s death is connected to the closure of Alibi, but goes on to write that “I will express sincere thanks to all the community groups who have chosen to call Alibi home.”

In an interview Manz provided no details on the reasons for the closure.

“I can maybe get back to you some day next week,” he said. “I’m up to my eyeballs right now.”