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Allegations of police mismanagement and homophobia

Why isn't Dixie's assailant behind bars?

Well-known drag personality Dixie Landers was beaten just after last call outside of Centretown Pub in the early hours of May 26. Now, a spokesperson for the family says that Dixie and her family received “second-class” treatment by police.

If this had been anyone else, or any place else, the [assailant] would be in jail right now,” said Doug Muir after meeting with Iris Hofmann, Dixie’s mother.

Instead, representatives from the family were allegedly told that they had decided not to charge Dixie.

“That is absurd. It’s just one part of a story that’s infuriating,” said Muir.

She was beaten so badly that every bone in her head is broken except her jaw, her brain is swollen and bleeding, her pelvis is fractured. Her ribs are broken and her left arm is broken. She is still in a coma.

Emergency medical staff left Dixie on the cobblestone while they dealt with another person’s superficial injuries, Muir also contends.

David Pepper is the director of community development for the Ottawa Police. He says that it’s normal for people to be angry after a serious assault. Encountering the criminal justice system is never pleasant, he says.

“I would be very surprised to hear that the investigation wasn’t being taken seriously. That would surprise me greatly,” says Pepper.

But Muir’s beef also extends to our own community, some of whom fled the scene rather than break up the fight or call the police.