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Alleged Canada Day gaybasher arrested again

Tchernychev accused of breaching his bail conditions

 One of two men charged with assault causing bodily harm after an alleged gaybashing on Canada Day has been released on bail after being arrested again.

Alexandre Tchernychev was jailed on July 17 and now faces an additional charge of breaching his bail conditions.

He and Aaron Alexander Hahn were released on bail earlier this month after being charged in connection with an assault on a gay man near Davie and Burrard streets on July 1.

Police allege that attack left a 30-year-old gay man recovering from facial injuries after he was suddenly punched in the face and knocked to the ground after words were exchanged. A second man allegedly joined the attack once the victim was on the ground. The alleged attackers fled but were arrested minutes later on the 1100 block of Davie.

The details of Tchernychev’s alleged bail condition breach are covered by a publication ban imposed during a bail hearing in Vancouver Provincial Court on July 19.

Hahn and Tchernychev, both 21, were due in court on July 19 for a second appearance on their assault charges. Their next appearance has been set for July 30 in Downtown Community Court.

With Tchernychev facing the breach charge, the courthouse was somewhat chaotic as neither the provincial court nor the Downtown Community Court seemed to know which court was handling each matter.

Tchernychev had been set to appear in both courts while Hahn was scheduled to appear only in the community court. Hahn, his client and media shuttled back and forth between the two courtrooms three times during morning sittings as judges tried to figure out who would hear the case.

Eventually, community court judge David Pendleton shipped it back to provincial court.

“The two accused need to continue appearing together,” he told lawyers.

Hahn has not had any reported problems meeting his bail conditions.

Tchernychev was released on $2,000 surety or cash posted by his father. He is not to be out between the hours of 11pm and 6am.

Judge Jeanne Watchuk noted Tchernychev’s previous bail conditions, such as staying out of the West End, possessing no weapons and not drinking, remain in effect.