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Alors, je te dis au revoir…

All good things come to an end. Doors open, and Lina decides to quit while she’s ahead (excuse the third person). I’m finding my time with Xtra coming to an end, something that makes me pretty fucking sad but also very excited.

You see, I’ve written this blog for a while now. And I’m running out of things to say on this blog, in this context.

I’m also completely excited because I’m now working full-time at a great non-profit with youth, using an empowerment model. SO that’s exciting.

But mostly, I need to reclaim that space in my head, the one reserved for creative pursuits/projects/perfection.

I’m craving to write about something other than gay politics/Lady Gaga/dance parties. I’m dying to make chevron-weaved bracelets, crocheted mandalas and tiny little dog coats. I want to write creative fiction, take the most awesomest fucking hikes, and dance through thoughtfully designed garden fields with my little bb dog. I want to hold hands with my copine.

I guess these are all possible projects avec or sans Xtra, but trust me, it’s time for me to go. I wouldn’t be being authentic if I didn’t at least admit that to myself. And you.

je t’aime mes amies. thanks for listening, after all this time. <3

I leave you with two images that describe me, always…

(Look at my dog Charlie’s little face! And paws! Also, that’s my knee in the cornah. YOU’RE WELCOME)

(The ladies, if you live in a cave, are the Heathers. From the breakout 1988 Wynona Rider hit film, Heathers.)

ok bye.

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