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Rex vs Singh
Richard Fung, John Greyson, Ali Kazimi
Canada, 2009

This 30-minute experimental video stages scenes from the 1915 trial of two Sikh mill workers who were entrapped by undercover police in Vancouver and accused of sodomy. The story is told four times: first, as a period drama; second, as a documentary investigation of the case; third, as a musical agit-prop; and fourth, as a deconstruction of the actual court transcript.

Queer Sarajevo Festival 2008
Cazim Dervisevic, Masa Hilcisin
Bosnia/Herzegovina, 2009

This 30-minute video documents the first Sarajevo Queer Festival, which took place in the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina in September 2008. Threats were made during the run-up to the event, and, at the event’s opening, there were indeed attacks on both the festival organizers and on those taking part.