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Alt roots showing

Circuit king Peter Rauhofer released two very different CDs this summer. First out was Cafeteria: Hear which is his first down-tempo lounge mix ever. Most of his fans are aware of his superstar circuit remixes as well as his own dance productions, but many probably don’t know that his career started playing alternative and new wave music back in the early 1980s in his home town of Vienna, Austria. There he met current down-tempo king Richard Dorfmeister.

Rauhofer obviously has a history if he is able to compile and remix such a fine chill-out compilation of such diverse sounds. Cafeteria is part of a deluge of CDs being released by hip restaurants and bars; this time it’s a very hot spot with locations in Miami and New York. In 2003 gay record labels have finally realized that the 30-plus market is buying more music than teens these days and chill-out compilations are huge money-makers.

The tracks on Cafeteria are all very dissimilar yet end up together sounding very complimentary and warm. Rauhofer’s selection of tracks is impressive but so are the mixes he uses. Some of the songs are from his own label including his massive hits “Break 4 Love” with the Pet Shop Boys and “Walking On Thin Ice” with Yoko Ono. But in both these cases, these new down-tempo mixes are so much better than their dance originals. Who knew that Yoko Ono had such a beautiful voice or that Toronto’s Chantal Kreviazuk, on her only US hit “Leaving On A Jet Plane,” could sound so completely different and mesmerizing? From opera to soul and from acclaimed artists such as Lamya, Filla Brasillia and Venessa Daou, Rauhofer brings us what us queers want to hear the most: beautiful female voices set in a soothing atmosphere.

His second release of the summer is Live @ Roxy, Vol 2, a double CD dance compilation based on his legendary residency at New York’s Roxy nightclub. Without a doubt this is his best-ever dance compilation and one of the best of the year in this genre. With Rauhofer’s alternative back-ground, he’s able to use sounds that other circuit DJs might not be accustomed to. From electro, funk, tribal and early house, Rauhofer delivers a very diverse collection of current hits, like Andrea Doria’s massive “Bucci Bag,” and classics, like his own creation called “Unique.”

“Unique” is a song that still sounds good today as did in the mid-’90s and uniqueness is what sets Peter Rauhofer’s music apart from those of his contemporaries.



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Peter Rauhofer.

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