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Amanda Lepore to release memoir

Pride may be over, but there’s already something to look forward to for next year. Amanda Lepore, the self-proclaimed “world’s most famous transexual,” is releasing a memoir to be released during the 2015 Pride season.

Tentatively titled I . . . Amanda the book will feature cover art by photographer David LaChapelle, who has used Lepore as a muse for decades and is largely responsible for her rise.

According to the official press release, the “tell-all will peel away the make-up and silicone to get to the heart of the woman who redefines what it means to be a woman.”

Lepore will spill all about her life, from being raised by a paranoid schizophrenic mother in New Jersey to her transition, which started when she was 15, her marriage at age 17, her days as a legendary New York City club kid, and her success as an international model and trans icon. 

“David [LaChapelle] told me to start calling myself [the most famous transexual in the world],” Lepore says. “A lot of girls don’t want that title; they just want to live as women, so they were happy to hand me that crown. Things are changing. I cried when I saw Laverne [Cox] on the cover of Time. Transsexuals are getting front covers; people are ready to hear my story.”

The memoir is co-written by Thomas Flannery Jr and will be released by Vigliano Books, in collaboration with Peace Bisquit and Expert Subjects.