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Amazon bans Linda Harvey’s homophobic book Maybe He’s Not Gay

The fans of Duck Dynasty may not know the difference between free speech and hate speech, but Amazon does. The book retailer has pulled Maybe He’s Not Gay, by Linda Harvey, founder of Mission: America, which was designated an anti-gay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center in March 2012.

Maybe He’s Not Gay focuses “on the bright future they can all have, regardless of the turmoil of adolescents, which for some may include same sex attractions or gender confusion."

The Amazon description reads:

"’I’m gay.’ As more and more young people announce this is their identity, it’s time to take a closer look. It’s a profound declaration, a new civil right (they are told) and it’s ‘who you are.’ But there’s a problem. Are we sure this is the truth? Does this identity bring the promised liberation and the key to a whole new life? Does it lift the burden of secrecy — or begin a different kind of struggle?"

According to Back2Stonewall writer Will Kohler, Amazon has pulled the gay propaganda book from its catalogue:

"After a few email’s this afternoon from this website and over who and what Linda Harvey is, has decided to pull the Mission: America’s hate group leader’s latest anti-lgbt propaganda book Maybe He’s Not Gay. A special thanks to those who follow and reached out with us to to pull Linda Harvey’s irresponsible and potentially dangerous book. Alone and together we can make a difference.  We just have to try."