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American Life League launches hilarious attack on Planned Parenthood

BY ROB SALERNO – It’s Sunday, so I figured we should observe the Lord’s day by tuning in to the latest attack video from the American Life League against Planned Parenthood.

The video really needs to be seen to be believed, and it’s six-and-a-half hilarious minutes well-spent. 

Nothing here is really new, but the way it’s presented summarizes how out-of-touch the religious right has become on this issue. Do they really believe that teenagers get horny because Planned Parenthood talks to them about sex? Or that teenagers need to be lured into masturbation?

Look, teenagers masturbate. It’s what they do whenever they’re not directly in someone’s line of sight. 

Really, just watch the video.

Vagina Macaroons! It’s the name of my new punk band. 

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