Toronto Diary
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Amplified for Todd Klinck’s birthday

Some of you might remember that before I stole the column for myself, Todd Klinck used to be the resident Porndoggy writer. But then I took it and it’s all sorta been downhill from there.

But seriously, Todd was more or less my mentor when I first moved here, and tomorrow is his birthday! Yeah, can you believe he’s just (*cough*)20(*cough*), give or take a year or two(*cough*)? Ahem, sorry about that. Anyway, to celebrate, Goodhandy’s is hosting Amplify tonight, complete with DJs, house music and $3.50 drinks! And as we all know, cheap booze is the best booze. Science, motherfucker. Look it up.

Doors open at 10pm, so swing by Goodhandy’s at 120 Church St and wish Todd a happy 20-something-th birthday!

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