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An era coming to an end

The G8 and G20 have been and gone. The final communiqués for each have been delivered (G8 here and G20 here). The riots happened. And we are forever changed. Or something like that.

Harper has defended the role of the G8 over the G20 – which doesn’t surprise me, considering that I’m quite convinced the way he’s handled the G20 in Toronto has been all about poisoning the well for future summits of that nature.

Meanwhile, after 22 years in office, and serving as the longest Speaker in the Commons in Canadian history, Peter Milliken announced that he will be stepping down at the next election. It’s certainly been a job that no one can really envy, considering the factious nature of the Commons these days, and given that there’s a government in place that is so contemptuous of Parliament that the Speaker has been forced to make a series of unprecedented rulings in order to maintain the supremacy of Parliament. He’s certainly earned his retirement from politics.

The Supreme Court has decided to hear the government’s appeal on Insite.

Michael Ignatieff will be in the UK for part of next week for his daughter Sophie’s graduation from the University of Edinburgh, and while there, he will meet with Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrat leader and coalition partner of British Prime Minister David Cameron. But coalition strategies, we are assured, will simply be addressed anecdotally, and will not be the focus of the meeting.

Preparing for the Queen’s visit this week, The Canadian Press details her previous visits to Canada, preparations for her visit to the final navy corvette in Canada, a list of interesting facts about her, and a quick primer on etiquette should you meet Her Majesty.

Up today – Her Majesty arrives in Halifax, the Senate resumes their sitting in the evening, and Harper hosts the Prime Minister of India in Toronto.

PS – Really, Laureen Harper? Floral print? Really? Way to showcase Canadian style on the world stage.
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