Toronto Diary
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An extra-long entry, with updates, to make up for the delay…

The Russian lesbian couple I mentioned last week officially had their marriage application rejected in Moscow on Tuesday. The couple now plans to get hitched in Toronto later this summer. Let’s give them a nice welcome, eh? Maybe Slack’s can give them VIP privileges?

Eye Weekly appears to make nice with Toronto Pride, in this piece that offers glowing praise of its newbie executive director, in sharp contrast to a column last month denouncing the festival as out of touch. At least Xtra’s consistent.

Toronto gay travel organisation OUT Adventures took home two out three awards given at the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association convention, which ended this past weekend.

A National Post columnist discovers another gay cruising park in west Etobicoke, on the border with Mississauga, and is surprisingly cool about it. (By National Post standards, you’d think he’d be running out with torches and pitchforks and calling in the RCMP). This is the first I’ve heard about it, so I need to know, when did I become less in touch than National Post columnists?

Researchers at CAMH cast doubt on the existence of true bisexuality. Which is a great thing for them to be spending their time on, rather than say, treating their actually mentally ill patients.

In a surprising move, the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario is asking the government to include lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues into the elementary curriculum. This is great news, particularly since I’m sure education minister Kathleen Wynne is looking for anything to talk about other than her current controversies.

And I’d like to announce a major ticket offer to my readers to my play Balls,  plays at the Lower Ossington Theatre to May 17. For the rest of its run, tickets will 2-for-1 for all Xtra readers. Just tell the box office “I heard about this from Xtra,” when you make your order. Tickets can be purchased online at or by phone at 416-915-6747.