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An Ivan Coyote Weekend

It got to a point that I honestly thought Ivan Coyote was living in Halifax. I kept on hearing about Ivan doing readings here and there, her name popping up so often I thought she had moved here. No such luck.

But Halifax is in luck because Coyote will be performing her distinctive blend of storytelling Thursday night at the Company House. Coyote is also in town as a guest speaker at this weekend’s Making Waves, a conference on gay-straight alliances put on by The Youth Project, an event that I will be covering tomorrow in this blog.

When asked about her involvement with this weekend’s upcoming events, Coyote said, “I love Halifax. I’ve always had great gigs here.” Coyote went on to discuss the GSA conference, saying, “I am hoping to spark pride in self, an interest in queer history and queer books, of course, in the youth, and hopefully to empower them to make their own contributions to queer art and documenting the stories of our lives. I want them to feel supported and valued, and I want them to take that energy back to their individual schools or learning environments and
use it to help make schools safer and more respectful of diversity of all sorts.”

You can check out Ivan Coyote this Thursday at The Company House. You can buy tickets for the event at Venus Envy, at 422-0004.

For more information on Making Waves, the GSA conference happening this weekend, check out their website.

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