Toronto Diary
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And now, good news

All Ontario politics geek eyes are on the fartest reaches of the GTA tonight, in Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock, where provincial PC leader makes one last adorable attempt to save his political career in a by-election he’s widely expected to win. Readers with long memories will recall that Tory spoke to Xtra about queer issues in the run-up to the 2007 campaign, as part of his (apparently stalled) efforts to distance himself from the Harper Tories by emphasising his progressive leanings to “key”GTA gays. Hilariously, Tory’s unamused refusal of my suggestion that the government display a plaque commemorating Xtra readers’ voting Queen’s Park the best place to have sex in public in Toronto was not enough for the ultra-religious-right-wing news site,

Fun fact: after that story went to press, Tory privately told me he realised that the public sex plaque question was a joke ten minutes after the interview ended, and wished he’d responded with something funnier. It was a rare act of humility I wish we’d see more of in our leaders.

But who wants to think of politics when the weekend’s coming up? And what a weekend! On Friday, our fair city turns 175 — and heck, she doesn’t look a day over 160.

Also on Friday, local queer theatre wonderkind Jordan Tannahill opens his new play, Takes Two Men to Make a Brother, for a two-day engagement at the Hatch Festival at Harbourfront. The play is billed as a docudrama about frat life — hey, some of my favourite videos fit that genre — and includes all-you-can-drink beer for $12. Could this be the perfect opportunity to test the seven beer theory?