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And the winner is…

Darren Bruce: Mr. Gay Canada 2008-2009


The first nationwide search for Mr. Gay Canada took place September 18-21st, 2008 in Vancouver and Whistler, province of British Columbia, Canada.  Hosted mostly in the idyllic mountain resort of Whistler the primary purpose of the Mr. Gay Canada (MGC) is to identify leaders who will take responsibility not only in his own community but also on a global stage speaking out for equal rights. Mr. Gay Canada is a positive role model and will work on humanizing being gay and act as an LGBT Tourism Ambassador for Canada.


The 3-day, indoor/outdoor competition brought together an exceptional group of young men that performed a series of events to help the judges identify a strong spokesman ambassador to tell the world about the mission. 

On Saturday, September 20th, the winner was chosen. North Vancouver’s Darren Bruce was the final delegate standing to accept the symbolic “crown” through a vest baring the logo of Mr Gay Canada. “Besides feeling loved and challenged, it was one of the first times I felt understood,” said Darren Bruce, “I wanted to call my boyfriend and my parents right away.” After experiencing such an amazing weekend of the best BC has to offer, Darren’s favourite moments included “sobering champagne, winning the canoe challenge and the emotionally cathartic farewell.” As the title holder of Mr Gay Canada, Darren will present our country in the upcoming International Mr Gay event as well as be the face of various public service announcements, speak at events and work towards the mission of the project. The recent University of British Columbia Engineering graduate has some goals of his own that include lobbying politicians, GLBT education for youth and of course becoming International Mr Gay.


In other MGC news, fellow judge and hot Vancouver uber-socialite Jamie Lee Hamilton posted the following comment on her blog about yours truly:


I had a great time last night judging the Mr Gay Canada contest. The contestants are exceptional young men, smart, witty and articulate. They all displayed terrific personalities and I was truly honoured being asked by the co-owners of the Mr Gay Canada pageant, Dean Nelson and Terry Costa to judge the men.

Other amazing judges included the very handsome reporter, Sean Horlor, from XtraWest and the Diva songstress, the fabulous Kim Kuzma, who performed at the end of the night with the handsome contestants.


I loves me that Jamie Lee! Ughn!