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Anderson Cooper continues his crusade against stupid

This really has been a banner week for Anderson Cooper in his fight against the terminal illness known as “being a dumbass.” First, Cooper brought on the shrieking meat-sculpture that was once human and is now Sarah Burge, and now he’s going even further, decimating Pastor “Put gays behind an electric fence” Worley and his pews of hillbilly dipshits.

For those of you who missed it, here’s the abridged version of this fuckery: Pastor Worley told his followers that they need to put every LGBT person in quarantine, surrounded by an electrified fence, because history has shown that genocide usually goes over really well with people. But in all seriousness, do these people not realize how industrious gay men are? Within five minutes, gay guys would just find a way to convert the electrical energy from that fence into either a circuit party or foreplay. 

Anyway, Cooper decided to have one of his Worley’s followers on the show, and holy crap, she is just fantastic. What she lacks in coherent arguments or tolerance, she more than makes up for in screaming ignorance and chins. You can usually tell how intelligent someone is by whether or not they refer to gay men and lesbians as “Hao-mao-seck-shulls.” I know it’s impolite to make fun of someone for flunking out of home school, but I’ve seen things with higher IQs in a sandwich.

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