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Anderson Cooper vs Grandma Barbie

Anderson Cooper had some plastic surgery maniac from the UK who calls herself “the human Barbie” (even though she looks more like Barbie’s bloated granny) on his daytime talk show Anderson. I don’t know the full story about this woman, who goes by Sarah Burge when she’s not answering to Barbs, but apparently she has given her seven-year-old daughter a voucher for plastic surgery, to be used when she’s 18, and doesn’t believe that gays should be able to get married 15-year-olds should sweat. 

Anderson, frankly, had enough and let the sack of silicone know it. I believe his exact words are “I think you’re dreadful and I honestly don’t want to talk to you anymore” before cutting their interview short. 

Never fuck with a Vanderbilt! 

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