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Andrew Scheer won’t attend Pride this year. But in case he changes his mind…

You know, us queers just wanna help

The Conservative Party confirmed leader Andrew Scheer will not participate in Toronto’s Pride Parade or any other Pride events in the country this year and he hasn’t explained why he is giving Pride a pass. 🤷

While the Tories insist their party is working on ways to protect and ensure the rights of LGBTQ2 Canadians, we’re left wondering: what’s the real reason Scheer is skipping Pride events? Is it because the Conservatives are currently leading the polls and he’s so busy live streaming the results (you know, à la James Charles’ subscriber count in the height of YouTube beauty industry drama)? Is he busy with the resistance? Is he just . . . tired?

No shade, but even Doug Ford has a reason for skipping Pride! Scheer, to be fair, is at least consistent. Much like his predecessor, Stephen Harper, who never took part in Pride events, Scheer has never walked in a Pride parade since his election as the Conservative party leader in 2017. When asked about this issue last year, Scheer said: “Not everybody marches”and that’s v valid (because truly, the street’s crowded and it’s a long walk). Regardless, Scheer’s decision to thank u, next Pride is interesting since other politicians flock the event. Justin Trudeau even has a special pink Pride shirt!

But in case Scheer changes his mind, here are some tips to make navigating Pride festivities a little easier for the Conservative leader.

Surprise! Scheer has multiple chances

Lucky for Scheer, Toronto Pride is not the only Pride event happening in the next couple of months. So unless his social calendar is truly booked, Scheer has dozens of opportunities to celebrate with LGBTQ2 communities depending on the #vibes he wants to tap into. Scheer can choose a big city Pride like the one in Vancouver in August. If that’s too crowded, how about attending the first Pride at Hudson’s Hope, a town of about 1,000 in northern BC in July? Too hot? If he waits a couple of months, he could ski and welcome 2020 in full rainbow gear at next year’s Whistler Pride and Ski Festival.

Speaking of rainbow (or maybe beige) Pride gear, let’s 👏 talk 👏 fashion 👏.

Though he seems very comfortable wearing his suit as he prances at Parliament, that’s a bit overdressed for Pride. We suggest Scheer wear a pastel (it’s v important that it’s pastel) coloured button-up and khakis for a laid-back dad-on-vacation look. If he’s feeling a bit more adventurous, maybe a T-shirt with a rainbow-coloured font that says “human” will cut it. But if he wants to make his Pride debut with a splash and a statement louder than “Hey, I finally showed up,” we suggest he goes big.

Oh, he should defs bring his friends

Pride is ultimately about community and friendship, and since Doug Ford isn’t available, Scheer should slide into Michelle Rempel’s DMs or holla at former foreign affairs minister John Baird to accompany him as he pops his Pride cherry.

Ultimately, we want him to have fun

Pride is about embracing and celebrating your true self. Scheer should lean into this theme and relax. Perhaps enjoy a bottle of domestic beer and even play his favourite country music, because, you know, who are we to judge?