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Andy Warhol’s male nudes go on sale for Pride season

Nude photos, prints and drawings by Andy Warhol have emerged from his archives and are being sold by Christie’s auction house in a curated sale called For Members Only: Eyes on the Guise. The Christie’s catalogue lists more than 200 works, currently selling for $800-16,000. The drawings are going for most, but some of the pictures give great insight into Warhol’s private world and show the simple beauty of his work. Of course, the physiques and giant penises of his muses don’t hurt. 

The auction benefits The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, and according to president Joel Wachs, it’s meant to coincide with gay pride. “In 1984, Andy participated in New York’s Gay Day parade, as they called it then,” Wachs says. “He took photos,  and the pride they displayed then is the pride which we feel today."

Check out some of the work: