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Anomalous genitals, evolution and the magical Pakistani gay cure

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TSA: Your junk is no longer an anomaly

The American Transportation Security Administration has agreed to no longer use the word “anomaly” to describe unexpected genitalia that pop up in security scans. A transgender woman was delayed for 40 minutes last month in Orlando, Florida, due to what agents called an “anomaly” in her scan. The anomaly turned out to be her penis.

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Pakistan’s magical gay cure

The BBC’s Mawaan Rizwan tests out mystical remedy from a Pakistani imam in his new documentary on gay life in Pakistan. The cure doesn’t work, unsurprisingly, but you can watch Rizwan’s experiences in his documentary online.

Montana family sues for polygamous marriage recognition

A polygamous family in Montana is suing the state government for recognition under the Marriage Equality Act, claiming that marriage equality cannot include gay couples but exclude polygamous ones. State lawyers are arguing to have the suit dismissed because they say the family does not face a “credible threat of prosecution.”

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Supreme Court: India not ready for a gay judge

After recriminalizing homosexuality and sending Indian gay men back into the closet, the Indian supreme court has now suggested that the country may not be ready for a gay judge, either. Supreme Court Justice Madan Lokur told the Hindustan Times that the current political order “would perhaps not permit the appointment of a gay person to the bench.”

Clinton evolved on marriage due to “personal relationships”

In a town hall meeting, Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton explained her changing views on marriage equality. Despite supporting civil unions since her days as first lady, Clinton did not support equal marriage until 2013. She said her views changed due to “strong opposition to discrimination” and “personal relationships.”

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