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Anonymous hacks Ugandan government websites over ‘Kill the Gays’ bill

Even though it’s an egregious violation of human rights and completely devoid of any scientific or moral grounds, the Ugandan government announced that it would be passing what has become known as the “Kill the Gays” bill. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. No, there is apparently nothing the rest of the world can do to stop this massive human rights violation.

Well, almost nothing.

Anonymous, the group of internet vigilantes known for taking down liars, thieves and bigots, has set its sights squarely on the Ugandan government and has so far managed to hack into and take down a number of websites connected to the Ugandan government. The group has threatened to crack down even harder if Uganda passes the bill.

“If they actually do pass the bill id image that itd be free game on the entire Ugandan government,” the group told SFGN via Twitter. “No court would convict anyone of trying to save lives.”

Anonymous New Jersey warned the Ugandan government in a previous Pastebin post to “expect us” if the bill passed.

That post included the names and contact information of members of Uganda’s Committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs. 

According to the Gay Star News, Rebecca Kadaga, the country’s speaker of parliament, said the bill, known as “Kill the Gays,” will pass by the end of the year as a “Christmas gift.” [Source]

Oh no, totally. Most people would expect toys or a Wii U or some new socks under the Christmas tree, but I’m sure a bill that would put an entire group of people to death is the It gift this season. It’s like Tickle Me Elmo, if they replaced “Tickle” with “The systematic, institutionally condoned murder of gays."

But seriously, good on Anonymous for taking down these shitheads. If no one else is willing to step in and put a stop to this, you just know that Anonymous is going to sweep the virtual floor with these motherfuckers. 

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