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Another delay

Juvenile sentence hearing put off to Nov 28

AARON WEBSTER Credit: Xtra West files

There’s been a second delay in the sentencing hearing for the first person to plead guilty to manslaughter in the 2001 killing of Aaron Webster.

A Nov 17 sentencing hearing for the man-who was a juvenile at the time of the killing-has been rescheduled for Nov 28.

It is the second time the hearing has been postponed.

The first adjournment was for the youth’s lawyer, David Baker, to gather more information for his sentencing submissions.

This time, says Crown prosecutor Sandra Dworkin, it was merely a case of lawyers’ schedules clashing with the Nov 19 date and a new one being requested.

“It was nothing of any importance,” Baker says.

The re-scheduling was news to media covering the case. Reporters who have been following the case showed up at the court Nov 19. None knew of the date change.

The youth, who cannot be named under the Young Offenders Act as he was 17 at the time of the crime, pleaded guilty Jul 30. Police arrested him in February after a lengthy investigation. Police later arrested three more men Oct 9 in connection with Webster’s killing.

An application to have the first arrested youth face his charge in adult court was abandoned when he pleaded guilty in July.

The other person being tried as a juvenile in the case returns to court Dec 11.

Meanwhile, Ryan Cran and Danny Rao-who are charged as adults-are due in court for a preliminary hearing next April. All three men are also facing manslaughter charges.

The first youth’s sentencing hearing should take place Nov 28 at 9:30 am in youth court on the lower level at 800 Hornby St-barring any further unexpected delays.