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…another door opens

In a roundabout sort of way, I got to ring in 2009 with artist James Huctwith, DJ and burlesque master Shane Mackinnon, writer Rob Salerno and the gorgeous people of Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. As omens for the New Year go, that's pretty fantastic — though I blame James for the ABBA!

Pop that champagne cork!  Any year that promises a diamond-studded Eurythmics sex toy is bound to be remarkably odd and, if nothing else, a trip to Cuba might totally rock!

We survived 2008 — most of us in better shape than Joachim Phoenix, sadly (what's going on??) — and we'd almost managed to get the top 25 songs of the year out of our heads until DJ Earworm's spectacular mashup.  "I liked it!"

Oh God, sun's coming up…hope you all have an lovely, relaxing New Year's Day!