Toronto Diary
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Another gay Tory? Where are they all coming from?

McGuinty’s announced that the provincial byelection in the midtown St. Paul’s riding will be held on Sept 17, and the Progressive Conservatives have selected openly gay, recently married Toronto Sun columnist Sue-Ann Levy. But what brand of Toronto-Jewish-married-lesbian-conservative is Ms. Levy? The kind who regularly denounces Toronto as a "Socialist Republik” and dubs Mayor Miller our “Esteemed Leader". Good luck with that, Sue-Ann.

Little Stratford, Ontario has been named Canada’s gayest small town by Outlooks Magazine. The fact that it hosts the country’s largest theatre festival/season was kind of a clue.

Get out your iPhones and put on your stalking pants, it’s that time of year again! The list of celebrities confirmed to attend this year’s Toronto International Film Festival is out!