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Another gaybashing in Windsor

This past weekend we alerted you to a guilty verdict in a May 2010 Windsor gaybashing.

That was just one of two reported May 2010 Windsor gaybashings. The other one is currently on trial. The court has heard that the early-morning incident happened at a Pizza Pizza on Ouellette Ave, when 28-year-old Amherstburg resident John Raymond Meloche made derogatory comments to the two gay men behind him in line. Jared Jarecki says his friend Denton Callender confronted Meloche about what he was saying, only to be punched in the head. Meloche then punched Jarecki in the face, breaking his nose and cheekbone. Meloche fled the scene, but employees at the Pizza Pizza followed him and flagged down a police officer, who arrested him.

Meloche is now charged with assault, assault causing bodily harm, public incitement of hatred, as well as assaulting a police officer and resisting a police officer after he was chased by police. Eyewitnesses in the case have backed Jarecki’s story. Let’s hope justice is served.

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