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Another giveaway! Caption this and win tickets to Queer Bash: Homoween

There’s been a void around town since Queer Bash decided to RIP after Pride, but they’re back, for Halloween only, on Oct 29 at The Cobalt (917 Main St). Here’s what their Facebook page says: “We are converting our favourite East Van homohangout into a Cobweb infested Cruising Graveyard with Costume Contests, your favourite Eastside performers and all the cheap n dirty homo gayhem you have come to know and love…"

Resident Queer Bash DJs Jef Leppard and Robo Santa are back in the house, with performances from Queen of the Eastside, HRH Isolde N Barron; gorlesque sensation Bloody Bettty; Vancouver’s sweetheart Vera Way; and more!

Tickets are $12 pre-sale at Little Sister’s, Priape on Davie, or Red Cat Records on Main (love that you can get tickets on the Eastside — the lighting in the SkyTrain is so unforgiving). Tickets are $20-25 dollars at the door. Or . . .

You can caption the picture of Kari Simpson (below), and if you make me LOL you can win two tickets to Queer Bash: Homoween and get your pretty self on the guest list (plus one), for Apocalypstick’s Halloween drag show Oct 30! Performers include Isolde N Barron, Peach Cobblah, Bambibot (back from TO!), Kiki Lawhore, Carlotta Gurl and Tulita Pepsi. So sharpen your funny bone (and claws), and caption this:

*All captions are ALLEGED. Gotta put that in there because, uhm, some people have a penchant for lawsuits. 
*The winner will be announced Saturday, Oct 22, so check back! 
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