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Anti-Bullying Awareness week

It's Anti-Bullying Awareness week.

I know it's been done to tears, but can I just say one more thing about this It Gets Better project? I guess maybe it's been said before, but I'll just say it, ok?

I feel like this thing rings false. It's kind of forcing us to come out all super duper happy-like, with our jazz hands in tow, and making us act as though LOOK THOMAS AND JANE! EVERYTHING IS FUCKING FANTASTIC! The thing is, though, it's, like, really hard to be a grown-up. Paying bills sucks. Stress sucks. Love hurts. Being jaded is easy. Feeling ugly/fat/nerdy doesn't go away with time. It might lessen, and you might spend most of your time liking yourself, but there's still that tinge of low self esteem. I don't know. Maybe I can't speak for everyone tho. Look at this guy! His name is Tornwordo.

Here's some resources: 

Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans Youth Line

Anti-Bullying Awareness week

Ligne d'écoute/Gayline Quebec
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