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Anti-bullying ‘wear pink days’ spread to other schools

Original protest organized after student called 'gay' for wearing pink

Two Nova Scotia teens recently fought back against homophobic bullies by encouraging hundreds of schoolmates to wear pink, and their action has inspired other schools to stage ‘wear pink days.’

On the first day of class at Central Kings Rural High School, a group of students threatened to beat up a new student and called him gay because he wore a pink shirt.

Grade 12 students David Shepherd and Travis Price heard about the incident and planned a day of pink protest to send a message to the bullies. They encouraged students to wear pink to school and bought 75 pink tank tops for guys to wear.

Shepherd said the bullies were furious when they saw hundreds of students in pink. “One guy was throwing chairs (in the cafeteria),” he told The Halifax Chronicle Herald on Sep 13. Price said the bullies gave them dirty looks, but most students supported the event.

The pink protest drew international attention, and it has already inspired other schools to take a stand against bullying. On Sep 21, a high school in the Halifax-area staged a pink day of its own. More than half the student body showed up to school with something pink — from feather boas to pink bicycles, reported CBC News on Sep 21.