Toronto Diary
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Anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbera arrested at Regina U

Remember Peter LaBarbera? He’s the completely rational individual who tried to sue homosexuality — literally just sue the entire concept of same-sex attraction — because that’s just the kind of thing you can legally do.

So yeah, that guy tried to come up to Canada to speak at the University of Regina. According to CBC News, university officials decided to let him do his thing while monitoring him closely to ensure he didn’t spread hatred. Guess how long that lasted?

Naturally, LaBarbera started handing out anti-gay literature, and officials asked him to leave. LaBabs (that’s what I’m calling him now) refused to go, saying, “You guys are intolerant and should be ashamed of yourselves for shutting down our message without even considering it.”

The police were then called and LaBabs was arrested and charged with mischief. Womp womp.

In all fairness, what did the guy expect? He’s fighting a losing battle and attempted to even the field by promoting hate-speech on private property. He was a guest, he abused his privilege, so they kicked his ass out. I’m sorry, LaBabs, but this is just not the hill you should be dying on.