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Anti-gay bakery sees sales boost. Wait, what?

Some of you might remember how, last week, a bakery in Oregon called Sweet Cakes by Melissa made the news after refusing to sell a lesbian couple a wedding cake, saying that it was an abomination. Basically, your standard-issue "personal bigotry blamed on religion" spiel that we've seen a million times.

Well, I have good news and bad news. Let's start off the bad news first: despite the fact that insulting a potential customer would be kind of a PR nightmare for most businesses, Sweet Cakes by Melissa is actually seeing a boost in sales, because the owner had the "bravery" to call someone an abomination. Good for him.

"It's been very busy here the last few days, and at times, it's been hard to handle the demand," she said. Melissa Klein declined to say more because she had to help prepare for the next day before closing the shop and picking up her children. She said her husband was out buying ingredients. John Kuykendall of Gresham brought his son to the shop to support the family. He said his beliefs are in line with those of the Kleins. "If you look at these shelves, it's pretty easy to see that others are saying, 'We believe in you' and 'We stand with you, too,'" Kuykendall said. [SOURCE]

Okay, seriously: what is it with bad Christians and using food to express their beliefs? First, they buy a shitload of Chick-fil-A after they came out against gay marriage, and now they're buying cake . . . Does food just taste better to them when they know someone else can't have it? Because that would totally explain why they keep holding on to that whole "sanctity of marriage" bullshit.

Well, now for the good news: the lesbian couple may not have gotten a wedding cake from that asshole bakery, but they are getting a cake gratis from Duff Goldman, star of the Food Network's Ace of Cakes.

Goldman, executive chef of Baltimore’s Charm City Cakes, told HuffPo that he read about the baker turning the women away and knew that he could help.

"I will make you a cake for free, drive it up to Portland – no charge – just to right this wrong,” Goldman said. [SOURCE]

Well, good for him for stepping up where some people refuse to do so, but I mean really . . . a sales boost? We're rewarding that? If you honestly think something is more delicious become someone else can't have it, that's goddamn crazy. 

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