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Anti-gay bill still includes death penalty, says Ugandan MP

The author of Uganda’s vile anti-gay bill denies reports that parts of it may be toned down because of international pressure.

David Bahati — an MP with the country’s ruling party — says that the proposed death penalty for “aggravated homosexuality” is needed in order to “stop the recruitment and secure the future of our children:”

"We are not going to yield to any international pressure – we cannot
allow people to play with the future of our children and put aid into
the game. We are not in the trade of values. We need mutual respect.”

Read the Guardian’s full piece, which examines the influence of US evangelicals on the anti-gay bill. Bahati’s bill is expected to pass in February, reports the Guardian.

A protest against Uganda’s anti-gay law was held in London on Dec 10. Picture: Activists Peter Tatchell, Godwyns Onwuchekwa, Rev Rowland Jide
Macaulay and Bisi Alimi. Photo by Brett Lock of OutRage! See more pics here.

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