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Anti-gay hotel closes after international backlash

When you own and operate a hotel, or any other business that requires you to rent out rooms, you have to expect that most of your rooms will be used for fucking. Your guests will fuck in the bed, on the tables, in the showers, on the bathroom counter — the possibilities are endless. Hell, the more you furnish your rooms, the more opportunities your guests have to fuck each other cross-eyed.

This thought never occurred to Hazelmary and Peter Bull, a religious couple who owned and operated a hotel in Britain, when they decided to turn away a gay couple because of their Biblical convictions. The resulting backlash, as well as the lawsuits and their ban from advertising on Visit England, was enough to ruin their business and make them close up shop.

In a statement to BBC, the Bulls explained their position, saying, "We always ran our business in accordance with what it says in the Bible. We are responsible for what happens under our own roof, and it was important we abided by that." They went on to ask, "Can't we find some middle ground that allows two different lifestyles to live with each other?" They didn't see the irony in that for some reason. Go figure.

To answer their question: yes, it's entirely possible for the gay community and the Christian community to live side by side. We're more than willing to accept the fact that you believe things we might not necessarily agree with, but you have to accept the fact that we're gay. We're going to have gay sex. A lot. You might not like it, but it's going to happen. We're not going to do it right in front of you (except maybe during Pride), but we're also not going to pretend that we're not humans with human urges that need to be fulfilled from time to time.

And I'm just putting this one out there: about 2,000 years or so back, there was this couple that was denied a hotel room. You know what happened to them? They gave birth to Jesus Christ. I'm just saying, if you're going to be a follower of Christ, you don't get to play the "No room at the inn" card.