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Antibodies, bisexual wages and secret gay escape tunnels

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Scientists discover new HIV-killing antibody

Researchers at the US National Institute of Health say they have discovered a new antibody capable of killing 93 percent of HIV strains. They say the antibody is also effective against many strains that have so far resisted medication.

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Are there secret gay escape tunnels under San Francisco?

Activists in San Francisco say that a new development project should be halted to avoid destroying historic escape tunnels gay men used to hide from police raids. Developers say the tunnels don’t exist.

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The bisexual wage gap

According to new research in the American Sociological Review, bisexuals are paid as much as 20 percent less than straight people. Unlike with many other minorities, the authors conclude, there are few behavioural explanations for the gap except for discrimination pure and simple.

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Aging while gay

In senior’s care homes, LGBT people have a legal right to be treated with dignity. But what if their tormentors are their fellow seniors? The New York Times looks at a lawsuit claiming that American care homes have a duty to protect their LGBT wards.


Czech Republic drops charges against HIV positive men

The Czech Republic has dropped charges against 30 men who were arrested for having unprotected sex while infected with HIV. The men were charged because they were HIV positive and came into health clinics due to other STIs. Health authorities determined that they must have therefore had unprotected sex, and turned them in to police.

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