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Apple’s latest anti-sex censorship: gay New York iPhone app

This is so creepy.

Apple has reportedly rejected, for a second time, an iPhone app guide to gay New York.

Gawker has more:

"The company objected to images that show too much skin, and to a caricature of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.
The problem here is that it’s awfully hard to assemble an authentic
guide to “Gay New York” when Apple objects to content as innocuous as a
well-muscled guy in a thong or an unflattering drawing of a politician.” (read more at Gawker)

Just in case you haven’t been keeping tabs, Apple rejected a Pulitzer-prize winning cartoonist’s app in December because it “ridicules public figures.” In February, they deleted thousands of “overtly sexual” apps. Even gay iPhone app Grindr has been forced to censor its users, to comply with Apple’s strict policies on “objectionable content.”

In early April, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said that the company has a “moral responsibility” to keep porn off the iPhone. How can we make this any clearer… NO, YOU DON’T! 


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