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ARCHIVES: Sep 24, 1993: Blazing a new trail

The evolution of Ottawa's pink press

ISSUE ONE. Capital Xtra founding staff Brandon Matheson (l) and George Hartsgrove. Credit: Shawn Scallen

The following was first printed in Capital Xtra issue 1, Sep 24, 1993.

We’re here! We’re queer! And we’re on deadline! And just in case you haven’t caught the buzz around town lately, we’re Capital Xtra, Ottawa’s newest and hottest gay and lesbian monthly newspaper.

An active pink press has long been a tradition in Ottawa and as the evolution continues, Capital Xtra is proud to build on that tradition and step forward as your community’s first professional news, arts, and entertainment magazine.

Looking at many of the larger urban gay and lesbian communities, it’s evident that a strong and visible press has played and important role in their development.

As our region’s population moves closer to the one million mark, there is a tremendous need for our own newspaper that has high visibility within both the lesbian and gay community and the larger hetero-dominated community in which we live. (To achieve this visibility Capital Xtra will distribute 13,000 per issue in over 100 locations.)

Are we claiming to be the voice of the Ottawa lesbian, gay and bisexual community? Of course not. We are our own voice, and one of many in a very diverse community.

A paper cannot mold the opinions and concerns of an entire community into one collective thought that accurately represents each and every member of that community on all issues.

With each issues, there are supporting and opposing views that must be given fair and equal treatment in a true journalistic style — accurate and objective.

Not always politically correct, but always politically aware, Capital Xtra will respect, reflect, and report on the differences within our community …and celebrate them!

Local writers and correspondents from across the country will keep you informed — and entertained — with coverage of events close to home, as well as insight into the provincial, national and global communities to which we all belong.

Capital Xtra will tackle serious stories that will provoke debate and inspire rethinking. Occasionally, we will titillate you with our naughtiness. From time to time we may even infuriate you, perhaps by being too blunt or challenging your acceptance of the status quo.

We cannot be all things to all people at all times. But we can provide a forum for the diverse views of the people who make up the vibrant patchwork of out community and hopefully, along the way, we’ll learn from each other.

As we follow in the footsteps of the hundreds of faithful who have diligently worked to build our local community over the decades, we also follow those at Pink Triangle Press, Capital Xtra’s not-for-profit mother corp, who over the past two decades have fought for many of the achievements our community enjoys today.

Capital Xtra is blazing a new trail for a journey based on tradition. Knowing that our readers will share the adventure makes it even more exciting.

Brandon Matheson,
Publisher & Editor