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Are all jocks assholes?

With the exception of hockey stud Sean Avery, who recently made a video urging New York State to legalize gay marriage, it seems that most jocks are good for nothing but their sweaty cocks.

Two baseball stars are in the headlines for alleged anti-gay remarks. Chicago White Sox second baseman Gordon Beckham has apologized for what he’s calling a joke — during a game against Kansas City he wrote “Getz is gay! GB” in the dirt to his former teammate Chris Getz. 

Similarly, the Oakland As have suspended pitcher Ian Krol indefinitely for posting an anti-gay slur on Twitter. The post has since been removed. 

The thing is, it’s too easy to point our fingers at these guys and say, “They’re douchebags!” even if that’s exactly what they are. They should know better, obviously, especially being in the public eye, but it isn’t surprising that people use “gay” in a derogatory way. Have you stepped into an elementary, junior high or high school recently? “Gay” is the new “stupid.” I’m not saying it’s right, but there’s no denying that that’s how millions of young people use the word.

What it comes down to is that parents need to teach their kids a thing or two and not expect them to learn life lessons from video games. If you ask me, what Gordon and Ian really need is a slap across the head from their mamas.

Time to grow up, boys.