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Are plastic bags *seriously* Rob Ford’s undoing?

A couple days ago, Toronto became the first major city in Canada to ban plastic bags. Which, honestly . . . I’m pretty okay with that. Honestly, the only time I even use plastic bags is for when I have to clean the litterbox, so that’s not exactly a whole lot of skin off my ass.

But, of course, Rob Ford is treating this like some sort of crime against freedom, saying that it’s “the city’s fault” and otherwise trying to fight this tooth and nail, which, considering that this issue is at worst a minor inconvenience for most people, kind of hits the point of diminishing returns.

The National Post is already declaring this Ford’s Waterloo, which is weird because I thought that was an ABBA song. But is this really the final lost battle of Ford, a man who still has another two and a half years in office, at the minimum, before he’s out? Or — hear me out on this one — Ford was just never that great a mayor to begin with?

Think about it. The guy’s popularity has been dipping steadily over his tenure. His outbursts have been getting progressively more bizzare, angry and even, on occasion, borderline violent. He’s someone who’s increasingly quick to point out how the government is in need of repair, but for someone in a position of power is doing less and less to actually fix it. Hell, over the past few months, Ford’s main concern has been more about appearing mayoral than acting like it. Think about how many times he’s made public appearances for the sake of a few handshakes?

Simply put, it’s becomingly more and more obvious that Rob Ford isn’t a public servant so much as he is a man about town. Someone who’s trying harder to be seen than actually doing anything. If Ford has taught us anything, it’s that apathy can and will result in mediocrity every time. 

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