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Aren’t they tired of it yet?

I have to wonder sometimes about the Conservative party’s donor base. That group of people who send that $20 or $50 to the party every time a new missive comes out from Doug Finley that condemns the latest Liberal scheme to destroy Canada and/or the Conservative party, and begs for donations to help them out if you can. Never mind that they have more money in their coffers than they could possibly ever spend during the next several elections, but hey, they have attack ads in non-writ periods to finance.

Another missive went out recently, this time decrying the supposed Liberal plot to, well, I guess discredit the Prime Minister amongst Catholics after the whole overblown “wafer” incident at Romeo LeBlanc’s funeral. You know, where the Prime Minister supposedly took the host during communion and then was accused of pocketing it – despite the assurances of the Speaker of the Senate that he did not? And how weeks later, the editor and the publisher of the New Brunswick paper that broke this story stepped down after they admitted to basically fabricating the flap? Yeah, that supposed scandal.

Doug Finley says that the Liberals “leaked” the information to the paper, and that they supposedly were using dirty tricks to discredit the Prime Minister and they wouldn’t even deny it! The nerve!

Err, except this is a whole load of bollocks. The alleged incident came from CPAC coverage – not the Liberals. And if I recall, this was really a matter of incompetence with regards to the PMO staff, who should have properly briefed the Prime Minister that as a non-Catholic, he should not have accepted the host in the first place. So really, for them to be claiming this is a Liberal plot is pretty rich.

But I have to wonder – how long can they really keep up this whole poor martyr act? This whole being the victim of dirty tricks act is getting pretty old, and given how many times they keep using this excuse to ask for money from their donor base, time and again, I have to wonder how it still works. Are people really that gullible that they actually believe that the Conservatives are really the poor underdog in the electoral fundraising game when faced with the awesome Liberal fundraising machine, no matter that for years now we’ve been continually reaffirmed by the media that it is in fact exactly the opposite?

The Liberals, meanwhile, with their own efforts like that “23 tour” kayaking up the Rideau Canal, are making some impressive gains. The “23 tour” earned the party $25,000, which isn’t bad for a five-day tour. But I know that they too are playing the poor martyred victim card often enough – albeit a bit more believably after some of the drubbings they’ve taken – but really? Do we constantly have to play the victim cards? Can we not get off the crosses for need of wood? Seriously, guys. It’s tired. Let’s move on to something a bit more constructive.