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Arizona student paper runs terrible, homophobic comic

Take a look at this comic, won’t you?

That comic ran in the Arizona Daily Wildcat, the student paper of the University of Arizona. As in, editors looked this over and thought, “What, this? The comic that makes fun of murdering your gay son? COMEDIC GOLD! Run it next to Garfield, it’ll be a laugh riot!"

I’ve seen plenty of things that offend me as a gay man. But this is the first time I’ve ever been offended as a gay man and a comedian. Seriously, the fuck is this? The list of side effects for your grandmother’s suppository is funnier than this. Let’s run down all the various ways this comic sucks ass, shall we:

  1. The joke is screamingly homophobic; let’s get that out of the way. Who could possibly think that killing your son for being gay is funny? . . . Please put your hand down, Tracy Morgan. 
  2. HA! I get it! Fruit Roll-Up. Funny. Wow, you’re really on the cutting edge of 1980. It’s nice to see someone put Andrew Dice Clay’s material to use after he stopped being relevant.
  3. I like how everyone in your comic remains in the exact same position for the duration of the strip. This is a poorly conceived dramatic story line away from being Ctrl+Alt+Del. 
  4. For your last panel, you just had your characters laugh at their own joke. To be fair, without this panel, this is just a series of drawings about two stick figures committing a hate crime.

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