Toronto Diary
1 min

Arpad Miklos, anyone?

Oh, Arpad Miklos . . . you’re so hot, but I always forget how to spell your fucking last name. I actually had to take, like, three cracks at it in the title before I realized it was neither “Milkos” nor “Miklso.” Point is, I’m a goddamn moron and Arpad Miklos is a sexy beast.

Anyway, here’s the sexy beast himself in the new video for Perfume Genius’s “Hood.” Who’s Perfume Genius? No idea, but he got Arpad to strip down to his skivvies and wear a bunch of silly masks for two minutes. Is it too early to call this the greatest music video of the year? Because it totally is, and anyone who says otherwise is a lying liar who spits lies out of his lie-hole.

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