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Art school didn’t steal his virginity

Photo: Willow Garms

Last year, Central Saint Martins student Clayton Pettet announced that he would be starring in a performance art piece titled Art School Stole My Virginity.

But the piece never reached climax.

More than 120 people attended the much-hyped performance, which started with Pettet rubbing off words written on his body including “NSFW” and “teen whore.”

After retreating to “the penetration box,” the crowd was able to join Pettet inside one at a time.

“The booth was very, very small. I crouched to get in. Pettet was sat inside, still in his pants, with two piles of bananas in front of him,” writes Zing Tsjeng for Dazed Digital

Tsjeng says that upon entering the booth Pettet told her, “I am your anal virgin. You are my partner. Pick up a banana” and “penetrate my mouth eight times.”

That’s it, that all. Pettet got face-fucked by some bananas and called it art, proving his innovation and bravery is on par with very other self-indulgent performance artists who think they’re making a statement when really they’re all shock and no substance.

“If people were expecting something else, it shows what they really wanted,” Pettet said after his performance. “They didn’t want an art piece; they wanted to see me have sex. If they came for the art, they wouldn’t be as disappointed — they’d know there were things to read between the lines for.”

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