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Art secrets

End of year is a the only logical time to support artists. KIDDINGKIDDINGKKIDDING. ANYTIME is the best time. But I wanted to mention a few of my favrits seeing as this is a SLOW NEWS DAY. Unless a celebrity dies again. Please tho—NO MORE, Universe.

coco riot 

Young genderqueer immigrant artist Coco Riot believes that art is not a tool for social change but social change itself.

Coral Short

Filmmaker and performance artist, Coral is a sweet, generous, handsome gal and I'm lucky to call her a friend. Earlier this year, for the Edgy Women festival, she did a piece (Uniporn) with faux horseheads and people-bodies and stroking on a giant glittery pillow.  

Joelle Laramee

Erotic art, medium: paint (oil i think). She's such a nice woman, and talented too. Very flexible, always looking for new models, can do custom pieces.

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