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Art so good you’ll have an attack

Buddies' annual fundraiser promises to be a spanking good time

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre’s annual art auction, Art Attack, promises to push all the right buttons.
This year’s fundraiser, hosted by comedian Gavin Crawford, will feature works from Maurice Vellekoop and Evergon, as well as a presentation by members of burlesque troupe Boylesque TO, with libations provided by Toronto’s beloved Steam Whistle boys.
“This is not your grandmother’s art auction,” says Mark Aikman, communications and marketing director for Buddies. “There’s always some sort of surprise element.”
Art Attack is the third art auction held at Buddies, although the team has been hosting an auction-style fundraiser every year since 1991.
Last year’s auction featured an original dream-catcher bra by contemporary artist Kent Monkman, which was donated at the last minute.
This year, says Aikman, special guest Sasha Van Bon Bon plans to make sure attendees never look at auction paddles the same way again. “It’s definitely worth it to come and get a paddle just to see what Sasha’s got in mind,” Aikman says coyly.
Van Bon Bon is more candid.
“Lisa Jay [organizer of the auction] asked me what I thought about people spanking me with their auction paddles,” she says. “And I said, ‘I think you’ll make a lot of money, because there’s a lot of people who want to hit me!’”
While Van Bon Bon is dealing with a recent tailbone injury, she says it won’t stop her from bringing Art Attack to a new level of naughtiness. “We have to take my elderly coccyx into consideration.”
For Van Bon Bon, the event is the most wonderful time of the year.
“You see the breadth of talent in our various communities,” she says. “Last year they really went through the roof, and I think this year will be even better. The unbelievably festive and electric atmosphere that is generated in that room every year — it’s amazing.”
If hot bods and sexy spanking is not enough, the event promises to be a great holiday shopping opportunity. Art geeks can expect works from Pascal Paquette, David Trautrimas and Eldon Garnet.
“You buy something amazing from a local genius artist, the money goes back to Buddies,” says Van Bon Bon. “I can’t think of a better way to shop for the holidays.”
And for those who couldn’t recognize a Jackson Pollock even if he splattered in their faces?
Van Bon Bon says they can bid on the Steam Whistle tailgate party, complete with a solo performance from a member of Boylesque TO. There will also be a host of silent auction items, including weekend trips to Ottawa and Montreal, handcrafted homeware and a basket of sexy goodies.
For Aikman, the night’s a chance to support artistic activism at Buddies in a way that keeps things fun. “We’ve never shied away from the political,” he says. “That spirit of joyous rebellion is something we keep close to everything we do.”
The Deets:
Art Attack
Thurs, Nov 10
Preview and silent auction at 7pm; bidding begins at 8pm
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
12 Alexandra Street