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Aruba, textbooks and a brave 12-year-old

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Clashing marches in Mexico over equal marriage

In the wake of a series of gay rights victories in the Mexican courts, thousands of anti same-sex marriage protesters took to the streets in Tijuana and other major cities Saturday, followed by pro-marriage counter protesters on Sunday. One photographer captured the iconic image of a 12 year old boy blocking anti-marriage protesters in Celaya.

The mystery of the twice-fired police chief

Two years ago, small-town South Carolina police chief Crystal Moore was fired for being gay, and then rehired when the town supported her. Now she has been fired again by the same man who once saved her job. But is it homophobia, incompetence, or just small town politics?

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Aruba allows same-sex unions

The island of Aruba has amended its laws to allow same-sex legal unions with the same rights as marriage. The tiny Caribbean territory is a constituent of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, where same-sex marriage is already legal.

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US gay marriage in high definition

The New York Times has visualized new tax record data showing every recorded same-sex marriage in the United States by zip code. The records show that about a third of one percent of all marriages are now same-sex.

Chinese student sues over discriminatory textbooks

A student at Guangzhou’s Sun Yat-Sen university is suing the country’s ministry of education over textbooks that call homosexuality a mental disorder. Being gay was officially removed from the lists of mental disorders in China in 2001, but widespread discrimination persists in education.

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