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As the world spins

DJs from around the globe are bringing their best beats to Pride

Australia’s Kitty Glitter is making the 15,585-kilometre trek from Sydney to spin at WorldPride.

Australia’s Kitty Glitter takes the prize for longest journey to WorldPride as she makes the 15,585-kilometre trek from Sydney. That’s not to discount other spin masters travelling from South America, Europe, all over the US, and, of course, across our home and native land. While the DJ booths of bars and clubs all over Toronto are frequently manned by a mix of international and local favourites, having one of the largest Pride events in the world is a game changer. What’s different this year? It’s the ridiculous number of top-notch artists gathering for the very special edition of the festival, so to make sure you dance to as many possible, we’ve compiled a heaping and helpful guide. Let the music play!

Thurs, June 26

Mado (Mtl) and TLA at Starry Night. 7pm. Cawthra Park, 519 Church St. No cover.
Stéfane Lippé (Mtl) and Cajjmere Wray at Prism College. 10pm–4am. Fly, 8 Gloucester St.

Fri, June 27

Hector Romero (NYC), Paulo (LA), Alain Jackinsky (Mtl) and Neill MacLeod at One World: To Frankie with Love. 5pm–midnight. Cawthra Park, 519 Church St. No cover.
Henry Krinkle (LA), Figgy (NYC), Gingy and Rory Them Finest. 7pm. House/Maison, 580 Church St. $15.
Chris Cox (LA), Deko-ze, Dwayne Minard, Alessandro (LA), Aural and Del Stamp (Van) at Pitbull: Worldwide. 9pm–4am. Liberty Grand, 25 British Columbia Rd. $60.
Tizi (Mtl) and Ria in Chroma, DJs Stix and Miz in Galleria at Lick It. 9:30pm–2am. Guvernment, 132 Queens Quay E. $25 advance, $30 door.
Mark Vicente (Mtl) at AX Pride. 10pm–3am. Phoenix, 410 Sherbourne St. $20 advance, $25 door.
Manny Lehman (NYC), Eddie Martinez (NYC) and Erez Ben Ishay (Tel Aviv) at Bootcamp. 10pm–6am. Guvernment, 132 Queens Quay E.

Sat, June 28

Deko-ze and Nick Bertossi (Van) on the SS Steamworks Cruise. Noon–4pm. Pier 31, 333 Lakeshore Blvd E. $75 advance.
Kitty Glitter (Aus), Chus & Ceballos (Spain) and Aron (Tel Aviv) at Prism Aqua. Noon–8pm. Yonge-Dundas Square, 1 Dundas St E.
The Cube Guys (Italy), Rosabel (Chicago/Miami), Freemasons (UK) and O’Halley Brothers (Brazil) at Green Space: Main Event. 1pm–1am. Ryerson Quad, 43 Gerrard St. $10.
Francesca Lombardo (UK), Kim Ann Foxman (NYC), Tizi (Mtl) and Delicious at Lipstick Jungle. 1pm–midnight. Cawthra Park, 519 Church St. No cover.
Brenmar (NYC), Shaydakiss (Mtl) and Prince Innocence at Drip. 7pm. Smith, 553 Church St. $15.
Kidd Madonny (Miami) and Deko-ze at Babylon: World of White. 9pm. Fly, 8 Gloucester St. $25 advance or $75 weekend pass.
Gordon John (UK), Alessandro (LA) and John Caffery at Pitbull: Gone Wild. 9pm–4am. Phoenix, 410 Sherbourne St. $35.
Sticky Cuts, KLR and Marina (Mtl) at Toastr. 9:30pm–2am. White Elephant, 366 Queen St E. $25.
Sis n Bro and Mary Mack (Florida) at Inspiration and Liberation. 10pm. Henhouse. 10pm. 1532 Dundas St W. No cover.
Javier Medina (Spain), Phil Romano (Italy), Tony Moran (NYC) and Jeremy Khamkeo at La Leche. 10pm–7am. Sound Academy, 11 Polson St.
Ben Baker (NYC) and Nick Bertossi (Van) at Jockstrap: Jockpride. 10pm–4am. Marquis of Granby, 418 Church St. $10 advance, $15 door.
Scooter McCreight, Taco Tuesday (San Fran) and Shane McKinnon at Cub Camp. 11pm. The Beaver, 1192 Queen St W. $10.

Sun, June 29

Isaac Escalante (Mexico), Alain Jackinsky (Mtl), Deko-ze and Cindel (Chicago) at TreeHouse Party. 1pm–1am. Ryerson Quad, 43 Gerrard St. $10.
Dimitri from Paris (France), Horse Meat Disco (UK), Phil V, Kris Steeves and Diego Armand at Disco Disco. 1pm–midnight. Cawthra Park, 519 Church St. No cover.
Lilly Russner (Brazil), Delicious, KLR and Stix at Girl Play’s afternoon tea-dance. 3pm–2am. House/Maison, 580 Church St. $20.
Bok Bok (UK), Girl Unit (UK), Juliana Huxtable (NYC) and Michael Magnan (NYC) at Drip. 7pm. Smith, 553 Church St. $15.
Andy Butler (NYC) at Drip. 7pm. House/Maison, 580 Church St. $15.
Hector Fonseca (NYC) and Shawn Riker at the Fly Nightclub Farewell Finale. 9pm. Fly, 8 Gloucester St. $30 or with $75 weekend pass.

Mon, June 30

Scooter McCreight, David Picard and Taco Tuesday (San Fran) at Trade: Gym Shorts, No Underwear Party. 3–9pm. Black Eagle, 457 Church St. $10.
Abel (Miami), Honey Dijon (NYC), Shawn Riker, Deko-ze and Mark Falco at Revival. 10pm–8am. The Guvernment, 132 Queens Quay E.